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What We Do

At Kore Projects, it is tricky to put a name on just what we do. If we were hard pressed for one, though, it would be that we are a solutions-providing company.

The world has seen a lot of technological advancements in the past decade alone. In that time, paper has been dumped for a lot of reason.

You would not be surprised too if you considered how it made project details:

  • Difficult to track
  • A headache to file
  • Very time consuming
  • Labor demanding
  • Prone to damage/ loss, and so much more.

To beat that, the world had to go digital.

Furthermore, the digital model just provided a form of convenience that paper doesn’t. From a single digital application, hundreds of projects can be managed.

The best thing is that these digital solutions don’t need a lot of effort to get them working. To better their offering, you can even obtain better paper reports from what these digital models provide.

But then, again, there was a problem.

Many businesses were not seeing this, and it’s making them lose thousands of productive hours every year.

So that every business starts truly converting their time to money elsewhere rather than wasting it, Kore Projects came up with a slew of solutions.

One of our very interesting projects till date is the Kore Timesheet. Designed to take all the stress and inconvenience out of project management in the construction industry, project managers will now have less to worry about.

Given how they can now handle all their tasks (simultaneously too, might we add) from the comfort of an app, the newfound ease is almost surreal.

We have made a lot of quality integrations into the administrator page of the software while adding a myriad of features to the mobile version too. Yes – it is supported on mobile, and you can get access to your projects anywhere and anytime.

Serving the New Zealand, United States, Australian and United Kingdom markets, Kore Timesheets puts all the control back in the hands of the project manager.


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