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Kore Project management software      

For ease of use and access, Kore Timesheets is developed for use on smartphones and tablets.

The software is built to work across different devices running on either Android or iOS. That enables seamless operation when switching from desktops to mobile devices.

This page will guide you through the features of the mobile app. That will help you know what everything does, and what goes where. If you need clarification on any of the operations of the mobile app, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


The dashboard is the first section on the Kore Timesheets app for mobile devices. It has been built to incorporate the following features:

  • Simple user interface design
  • Ease of use
  • Functional navigations
  • Support for realtime updates
  • Integrated messages application
  • Offers overall convenience for work done



Our new, redefined jobs section has been specially optimized to ensure smooth operations from start to finish of every project. In this section, administrators can:

  • Create new jobs based on projects on the ground
  • Update each job with the necessary information to aid easy understanding and execution
  • Assign tasks to certain employees and operators on the field
  • Assign specific tasks within each main job to other workers and
  • Share information with the workers on the field in real time

Operators/ workers will also have the following privileges:

  • Starting, holding and marking a job complete
  • Job holding allows members of staff to take a break without logging excess hours on the job
  • Marking the job complete informs administrators of when certain tasks are done by.



The timesheet is the main selling point of this app.

Besides taking all the boringness out of paper trails, they are also important for the following reasons:

  • Aids easy addition of notes/ details/ requirements to jobs/ tasks at hand by the project manager/ authorized member of staff
  • Helps easy logging of data according to onsite activities
  • Allow relaying of information from real-time site back to the office
  • Printing feature aids easy generation of reports and paper trails




Photo UploadKore Project management software

There are a lot of reasons why visuals might be needed from the site. That is why the Photo Upload section has been integrated into:

  • Aid visual sharing of progress on a field with project manager
  • Assist in better explaining faults, accidents or any other occurrence on the field

The uploaded photos are grouped by dates, making it easier to reference old pictures whenever they are needed.


Reorder has been developed to:

  • Provide an easy channel of communication regards job materials
  • Ease the process of sending reorder requests from the site to offices
  • Erase the complexities associated with many reorder templates out there and
  • Enhance money tracking for better record keeping and project financing.

    This software has been designed with a very simple user interface.
    Every person can very easily use this software as nothing in this is very complicated or difficult. You just have to choose your option and swipe. It is that simple.


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