How it Works


  • The employer creates an account at
  • The employer will have to verify the email which they registered their account with. On successful verification,
    they become the system admin for their business.
  • Note that registrations come with a 30day free access to the mobile and web timesheet services for a period of 30 days.

The Kore Timesheet app lets employers track their employees in real-time across the field of work. With integrations allowing workers
to log in and off from work, add lunch hours to their overall workday and the new GPS feature to locate workers in the field, seamless
integrations between the job site and office become possible.

The guide below shows how to get started and hit the ground running with the Kore Timesheets app.

The Kore Timesheets app is designed to automatically track the actual work hours workers spend on a project.
It does so by logging the time from when your workers get to the field until they close work for the day.

This gives project managers an overview of how many hours of labor has been spent on a job; helping to make executive decisions
for improving the time-workflow or leaving things as they are.


QR Code Functionality






The Kore Timesheets app comes with a QR code scanner which allows you to track the work status of different workers on the job site.
Each QR Code is specially generated for each worker, ensuring you can get specific details about them.

In the unique QR Codes are embedded with GPS tracking signals to give you an idea of where each and every worker is on the job site.
Besides the application of that for real-time tracking, it also proves to be an important safety addition.


Kore Project management software

Adding Employees

  • The web application should be used for adding employees.
  • Once an employee is added, they receive a login code.
  • The employee login code can be used to access the company’s system dashboard via the app.

Adding Jobs

  • The employer (admin) can add a job to the company’s dashboard after adding employees.
  • Each job can be broken down into unit tasks before being added to the dashboard for better tracking.
  • Admins can also assign employees to certain jobs on the timesheet.

For Employees

  • Each employee receives a unique login detail when they are added to the company’s dashboard

  • Employees can sign in to work each day by simply scanning the generated QR Code.
  • When the admin adds and assigns a new job to an employee, they get an email confirmation to that effect.
  • An employee can check the job details (location, time, priority, etc.) via their app once they get assigned to it.
  • Employees can report job status via their app. This includes, but is not limited to, working hours, start time, job progress, etc.
  • To close work for the day, employees should enter the time details with their signature and scan the QR Code again to logout.
  • For one day work, employees should set ‘Finish’ status. Otherwise, employees should just log out to continue the next day.

For Employers

  • The Kore Timesheets app generates a unique QR Code for any new job.
  • Employers should print out this QR Code and place it outside the job location for employees to sign in.
  • The QR Code helps relay job status back to the employer as it is updated in real-time.

Board


  • Project managers are sometimes tasked with managing multiple projects at the same time. This often requires assigning different workers to different areas on the Jobsite.
  • The sign-in board helps keep track of all that.
  • The dashboard shows all the currently running jobs, and the workers on such jobs in real-time – all in one place.

Notifications

  • You can set up notifications for when workers sign in to active jobs on the site.
  • Their sign-in will also display information about their current location and the job they are working.

Time Sheet

  • The timesheet is developed to handle automatic logging of time spent on the job. In addition to that, it records lunch hours, breaks taken from work and other such hours not directly spent on the job.
  • The timesheet also feeds data about the kind of work being done in such hours back to the project managers in real-time.



Digital Signatures

  • Approving work hours, confirming logged hours and such other operations are made easier with the digital signature feature.
  • That makes things more official while creating a faster workflow between the office and the job site.
  • This allows you to sign on the app like you were using a traditional pen and paper.

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