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Kore Project management software

The Kore Timesheet admin page contains all the important tools that a project manager needs to ensure the success of their project. The admin section has thus been built to provide support from before the project starts, through the stage of implementation, to when it is finally done with.

The admin page also makes it easier to manage simultaneous projects in real-time. The features added to the admin page to help it deliver on all promises are as follows.

Should any of the following not be clear to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

Kore Project management software

Time Tracking

This tool does more than just track the time. In fact, it:

  • Allows workers to track work routes
  • Enables employees clock in and out of work without having to go back to the office
  • Tracks employee progress during the workday
  • Helps workers manage breaks and work times for better productivity

Kore Project management software

Mobile App

Kore Timesheets is also available on all major mobile platforms. You can download the app on your iOS and Android devices to easily pick up from where you left off. You can learn more about our mobile app, and all it can do for you, here.


One of the most important duties of a project manager is scheduling jobs.

They must be able to plan certain tasks to be completed by certain times, and by select workers. The intuitive, user-friendly interface of the Kore Timesheet admin page makes this a possibility.

Managers get to choose which task is to be completed and who does it. They can also alter the schedule at will – and it will be updated to other users in real time.

Kore Project management software


Kore Timesheet allows you to optimize other parts of your business by providing room for integrations. For example, you could integrate your bank accounts with the platform on the admin dashboard.

That takes all the processing and administrative time out of your payroll feature. Once set up, your workers will never have to worry about getting their payments late – or not getting it at all. You can look around the dashboard for more integrations to take advantage of.

Kore Project management software


Rather than generating a bunch of boring texts and numbers, Kore Timesheet reports are very functional. Offering real-time insights into what is happening on the field, the reports from the app will help you make better decisions. From the intuitive reports you get from the system, you can easily determine:

  • What worker might be slacking on their job
  • How far the work has gone in a certain timeframe
  • The inventory of materials that you have on the ground
  • Whether or not you should order new materials
  • What tasks to schedule next
  • Possible challenges being faced in the field, and so much more.

That helps you to take guesswork and probabilities out of the business, giving you a solid base to build your decision-making process upon.

Performance and Metrics

Measuring output is a very important skill for any business owner and the employee themselves. Kore Timesheets has made such measurements easier by integrating the feature into the software.

Metrics are measured by:

  • Selecting a particular worker
  • Checking how long they have spent on a job
  • Checking how far along they are in their assignment and
  • Generating a graph to show the performance of such a worker over their timeline

This will allow management to decide:

  • How effective a worker is as compared to others
  • Who is more suited to certain job types than others
  • How productive workers are on the field, and so much more.

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