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Kore Projects has always been interested in the development of business solutions. The aim of this is to solve a myriad of current problems that might be hindering the growth of many businesses – small, medium and large scale.

With our offerings, we hope to take all the stress out of the project manager’s work. That way, they can easily focus on what’s important and not have to worry about any other thing.

We also worked towards ensuring the project manager can make better decisions on the project at hand. After all, that is the only way they can ensure the success of whatever jobs they have at hand.

All of these combines to give us a passion, a vision and a mission to work upon. That, ultimately, birthed Kore Timesheets – a project management solution for construction companies.

What We Offer

Kore Timesheet has been developed to be a leading project management software for construction companies.  The build of the software is geared towards helping the construction industry in all of New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

The main highlights of this software are:

  • Ease of Use

Managing projects comes with enough challenges and we didn’t hope to add to that. In fact, we worked towards ensuring those challenges – those in the admin section, at least – are cut back as much as possible.

That is why we have opted for a simpler page design, better UI and a flat layout. That way, you get all you want in a single look without having to worry about what goes where.

  • Enhanced communication

Coming with an integrated messaging app, Kore Timesheet does more than just track your projects.

It also allows workers on the field to communicate directly with their line managers. The line manager can also use the app to discuss concerns/ anything at all with their project manager.

Multi-project management

Handling many projects at once could have its toll on the project manager, especially when they’re always chasing the project
With Kore Timesheet, you can now have all your projects in the same place. Not just your projects, but everything that pertains to them
Simply put, you can now stay on top of everything without even having to get to the field.

  • Better management

    Kore Timesheet helps in managing resources better.
    Human resources can be scheduled and allocated to tasks from the convenience of the app.

 Raw materials and inventory are also tracked better, making it easy to replenish a dwindling stock before it affects the project at hand.

  • Improved administration

Allowing workers to sign in and out of jobs, you know just how much time they spend on the job.
The integration feature offers a lot of promise, going as far as helping you automate payroll.

  • Clearer Organization

How would you like to have all your multiple jobs in one place? How would you prefer to know how many hours your workers are spending on the task assigned to them?

Or, how would you like to know the status of a project, how far along it is, what materials are needed, and so much more, without even getting to the field?  That, and many more are what you get from the Kore Timesheets dashboard.

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We hold customer satisfaction in high esteem and will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Reach out to us today and have all of your questions answered.

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